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Sarah Burt (ND)

About Sarah Burt ND

I have been qualified now as a Naturopath since 1999, having studied at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies in Sydney, Australia.  Health issues had affected my own life that Orthodox Medicine seemed to be at a loss in understanding. It was this desire to understand how my body was working and what could be affecting this ill health that led me to study Naturopathy.  Through this comprehensive system I was able to restore myself back to great health, and it has taught me not only how to keep myself in this optimum state but how to teach others to do the same.  The benefits of a system that attempts to correct imbalances in a person's body by nurturing it back to health rather than further putting a strain on all the vital organs in the body has to be the way forward for us. The system of Iridology that I use in my practise has become a vital tool in diagnosing where exactly an individual's weakness areas lie.  It is a quick non-invasive way of diagnosing, and more importantly it creates a quick and easy rapport between a Naturopath and patient.  It is becoming a much bigger and more complex part of the way I work and I am presently studying the wonderful world of Behavioural Iridology to further incorporate the emotional and mental side of a person’s health into the work I do. I am currently a member of the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council as well as the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners.

If you wish to see Sarah in clinic, appointments can be booked at:
Dorchester Yoga and Therapy Centre, 14 Trinity Street, Dorchester DT11TU, Tel: 07539 209781

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The Principles of Naturopathy were first used in about 400 BC in the Hippocratic School of Medicine, the Greek philosopher Hippocrates believed in viewing the whole person in regard to finding a cause of disease. He believed also in using the laws of Nature could induce cures, and it is from this original school of thought that Naturopathy takes its principles. The healing power of nature - nature has the innate ability to heal our bodies. Identify and treat the cause, not the symptoms, whether it is physical or emotional. Do no harm, a Naturopath will not use treatments that may cause other harmful conditions. Treat the whole person. Teach the patient to enable them to take responsibility for their own health by teaching them self-care. Prevention of the disease from returning or becoming a worsened condition. A Naturopath works with the understanding that the body has a unique capacity to heal itself given the right conditions, and so what Naturopathy aims to do is just give the body the right environment to be able to do this. An initial 'Naturopathic' appointment will take an hour, and during this time I will ask questions about your condition, medical history, diet and lifestyle and any details about conventional medicine you may already be on. Having assessed the overall constitution, I formulate a plan unique to you which aims to address all areas of your life, providing your body with the best chance of achieving optimum health. The treatment plan may include herbal medicines and supplements including Bach and Bush flower remedies, as well as dietary/lifestyle/exercise advice.

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