7W2W Bottles and Book

About 7 Weeks 2 Well-being

This is a 7 week supply of herbal tonics specifically designed to tackle any long term niggling health issues a person may have.  Often post viral syndrome or especially now in current times LONG COVID can be responsible for many of the symptoms listed below:



Digestive problems (reflux, bloating, bowel irregularities and pain).
Extreme tiredness, lack of focus and motivation
Depression or anxiety for no specific reason.
Lowered immunity leading to constant colds or coughs hanging around.
Muscle aches and pains, cramping or myalgia
Headaches or foggy head syndrome.

All of these symptoms show a body that is out of balance.

Herbal Tonics:

• all herbal tonics aim to cleanse all the eliminatory systems gently to facilitate the removal of toxins from the body, (liver, kidneys, skin and lymphatic)
• all herbal tonics kill off any remaining virus that lingers in the body
• all herbal tonics repair and restore nerve and adrenal function to stabilise energy levels
• all herbal tonics maintain balance and energy once more

The tonics are easily prepared just by adding the dose specified to water morning and evening before food. No other requirement is necessary for the programme to work.

Programme Cost:

COST OF THE PROGRAMME is £89.00 including postage.

NOTE: Once your payment has been verified the herbal tonics will then be sent out within four days.
If you have any additional questions please contact me