There is no one culture, person or time period that can claim to own Iridology outright, its development being made possible by various lineages of pioneers, all adding to its vast database of wisdom and understanding. Modern Iridology is most popularly attributed to a young Hungarian Physician named Ignatz Von Peczely. Von Peczely carefully catalogued the Iridology phenomena by looking into eyes - this was the birth of modern Iridology.

The famous (somewhat apocryphal) story of ‘Ignatz Von Peczely’ as young physician trying to free a trapped Owl from his own garden seems to have perpetuated from each successive generation of Iridology schools to the next.The story tells of how in freeing the bird from its entrapment he himself (Peczely) inadvertently broke the animal’s leg. He then took it upon himself to heal the sick animal and nurse it back to health and in doing so noticed a dark lesion had formed in the owl’s iris. This area was catalogued and observed as the bird returned to health. As it did so it was then noticed that the lesion began to slowly knit and repair itself much like the broken bone in the Owls leg. Von Peczely seized upon the idea that the state of the bodies internal mechanism could be observed and charted from analysis of the Iris. As a physician and Homeopath in later life he had many opportunities to study this phenomenon in his patients and kept many journals over his years of practise, accumulating much knowledge about this new emerging science. 

The Principles of Naturopathy were first used in about 400 BC in the Hippocratic School of Medicine, the Greek philosopher Hippocrates believed in viewing the whole person with regards to finding a cause of disease. He believed also in using the laws of Nature could induce cures and it is from this original school of thought that Naturopathy takes its principles. The healing power of nature - nature has the innate ability to heal our bodies, identify and treat the cause not the symptoms, whether it is physical or emotional. Do no harm, a Naturopath will not use treatments that may cause other harmful conditions. Treat the whole person, Teach the patient to enable them to take responsibility for their own health by teaching them self care Prevention of the disease from returning or becoming a worsened condition. A Naturopath works with the understanding that the body has a unique capacity to heal itself given the right conditions, and so what Naturopathy aims to do is just give the body the right environment to be able to do this.

Additional information about iridology
Additional information about iridology