Embodying Menopause

Embodying Menopause - Inspiring Our Infinite Power - Saturday 22nd JUNE - £75.00

No matter where you are in your menopause journey, you can be sure it's a time of profound transformation. You are invited to spend a day with me, Sarah Burt (Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist, Iridologist) and Victoria Smisek (retreat facilitator and certified Qoya teacher), to explore this transformational process in a variety of ways.

1. We will be learning about the biological, physiological and hormonal changes that occur in a woman's body during this time.

2. We will use the Naturopathic approach to knowing how we can tackle any extreme symptoms during this most natural and transformative time in our lives, using herbal tonics, supplements, and dietary inclusions to help.

3. We will then use Qoya Inspired Movement to bring our experience into embodied awareness. Qoya is a way of dancing our relationship to something, to get out of our heads and into our bodies, to access the wisdom that is already there and connect us with our feminine essence of being Wise, Wild and Free!

We will also spend some time in short, guided mindfulness practices, to bring greater presence and to learn to be with our experience in a different kind of way. There will also be time for sharing and journaling to further our learning together. Join us for a day of knowledge and embodiment for this most powerful time of your life. Our venue for the day is Dorchester Yoga Centre in Dorset. Saturday 22nd June - 10am to 4pm. For more information or to printout, see PDF.

Intro to Iridology


Iridology (study of the iris) is an ancient method used to understand health. The eye can reveal so much about health. For example: signs such as the ‘cholesterol-ring’ can alert people that they need to make health changes to prevent strokes.

Would you like to know more about Iridology and other common signs your eyes show you to review aspects about your health? If so, come and listen to this introductory talk I am offering to help people gain more knowledge about this fascinating subject.

I have been a Naturopath and Iridologist for twenty-two years and have a wealth of information to share. You can make your payment below to reserve your place.

Date: Saturday 11th May, 3-4.30pm

Venue: Dorchester Yoga Centre, 14 Trinity Street, DT1 1TU
Cost Including materials is £5.00
For more information, see our PDF.

Beginners Iridology


Would you like to:
Clear your health issues before they occur?
Gain insight into weak and strong areas of your body?
Design a lifestyle around this information?

You will learn to:
Interpret signs in your own and others irises.
Understand the meaning of different colours of the iris
Learn about the different structural and emotional types
Identify areas that are stressed and vulnerable.
Determine genetic predispositions.
Stop potential problems from occurring by knowing where your weakness areas lie.

This is a five-week course will start in September 2024
Dates for each class will be announced soon.
Please email Sarah for more information.

Venue: Dorchester Yoga Centre, 14 Trinity Street, DT1 1TU
Cost Including materials is £165.00
For more information, see our PDF.