Getting healthy in 7 simple steps by Sarah Burt ND

Getting Healthy in 7 Simple Steps by Sarah Burt ND
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In this book I attempt to distil my many years of Naturopathic experience into 7 very simple steps. This is a program that has proved both effective and popular with many of my patients, oftentimes leading them toward healthier lifestyles and greater physical vitality. If these 7 simple steps are adhered to, a positive affect on health is almost sure to be seen.

This book creates a starting point from where to strike out and discover the kind of health and vitality you always knew was possible. Getting Healthy in 7 Simple Steps, seeks not only to improve your day to day health but also addresses a number of more serious conditions, arming the reader with a host of valuable tools accessible throughout life's health-journey.

When purchasing, don't forget to ask me to sign your copy! Please not this book is included in my 7 Weeks to Wellbeing programme