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Thank you so much as your wonderful tonic it has improved my IBS symptoms so dramatically since stopping they have come back. I know they balance my hormones and eliminate my headaches too. I appreciate your holistic approach to health.
Layla M.

I have noticed huge health and well-being benefits following my contact with Sarah Burt.  After a very accurate assessment of my health condition via iridology I was given a herbal tincture to boost my immune and digestive systems, advice about my general health and diet, and suggestions about vitamins and supplements that could help me long-term. This approach has really worked me - I am much healthier and happier. Thank you so much!
Kerry H.

Just a quick email to thank you for your 7 Weeks 2 Wellbeing tonic. It worked wonders. I have been recommending it to my friends and family. It was perfectly timed as all the while I was taking it I was in the process of clearing and packing to move home. It certainly helped with the letting go on all levels. I think I even surprised myself at the things and amount of stuff I let go of. Equally, I described it much like the old Ready Brek glow seen in the advert from the 1970's. I joked with my friends that I'd gotten my Ready Brek glow back, feeling recharged from the inside out. 
Mark W.

In 2018 I had open heart surgery to replace a congenitally faulty aortic valve, which went well but I was left with a painful post-operative condition called PPS (postpericardiotomy syndrome). Luckily I had the good fortune to know Sarah Burt and wondered if her iridology and herbal expertise would be able to rebalance my body after such invasive and traumatic surgery. I was prescribed a bottle of seven herbs all aimed at alleviating the signs and symptoms I presented with. Suffice it to say that after two bottles of these herbs, lasting about eight weeks, the disturbing symptoms disappeared and have not returned. I even enjoyed the taste of the herbs and I could sense their energy. I am eternally grateful for Sarah's Holistic approach to health improvement.

A When I first went to Sarah it was because my doctor's could do nothing to help me further after losing my son and hence having a breakdown. Counselling was all there was on offer. Sarah brought me back from no energy even to walk down the road right back to living a normal energetic life.  Sarah can see exactly what's wrong with your body and then treat it without drugs and side effects. I doubt I would be here today if I had not found Sarah.

Exhausted, emotional, irritability, gaining weight, period pains, bladder problems, bad breath, you name it I had it and yet I considered myself healthy! None of these were life threatening and yet I felt rubbish most of the time. Three months ago Sarah was recommended to me and already my life has changed. I feel better than I have for years.  I finally have the energy to go to work fulltime and am still able to get back and play with my son as well as cook, clean etc. I no longer have the period pains, gradually all my symptoms are improving but with no side effects or harm to my body. I cannot explain how wonderful herbs have been in my life and now my eight year old son has been to see Sarah too. It’s hard to explain but if you want to feel and look good then this is the answer. Worth every penny! Sarah is friendly, approachable and so knowledgeable. Life is short... why waste another day feeling miserable. Get in touch with Sarah and you’ll never look back! Your only regret will be that you wish you’d done it years ago.
Kay S.

Seeing Sarah for Naturopathy and Iridology over the past three years has been hugely transformative for me on all levels. The guidance she has given has been practical and manageable, and the herbal remedies have been specifically targeted for my needs. The use of iridology alongside this has been so useful in being able to track any progress and see which areas need supporting further as a result of any changes the herbs have brought about. I Feel a lot clearer as a result of this process.
Gill R.

I was very unwell 18 months ago and was hospitalised with heart problems. As I am now 85 years of age, recovery is very slow, but thanks to Sarah Burt’s iridology diagnosis and the herbal tonic she prepared for me,my health has slowly but surely improved. Without her help I think it would have taken me much longer to reach my present state of well-being.
Geoff G.

I have been seeing Sarah and taking herbs for about 12 years. When I first started seeing Sarah I had bad eczema and my health was in a state. My adrenals were not working very well and my system was very acidic.Since taking the herbs my health has improved. The eczema has improved. I only get an outbreak on my hands if I am particularly stressed whereas I was covered in eczema and using steroid cream when I first started taking herbs. The herbs have helped my adrenals and I am no longer very acidic. I still see Sarah about every 3-6 months for checkups and take herbs for maintenance. I would definitely recommend seeing Sarah as she can help with most conditions I have benefited enormously.
Diana W. 

Sarah Burt offers a caring, holistic, and client-centered approach, with her professionalism, warmth, empathy, and extensive knowledge and expertise regarding natural health, e.g., herbal medicine, nutrition and homeopathy. Iridology integrates a fascinating and highly effective mind-body-spirit feedback loop, to further attune to an individual's needs, and evaluate their response to remedies that Sarah might prescribe and tailor specifically for them.
Deborah F. 

I've been benefiting from Sarah's diagnosis and treatment for almost 20 years. During this time I have never needed conventional medication with all its side effects. Sarah's diagnosis is always spot on and often surprises me in that Sarah highlights as the root cause of my symptoms something I've often only been semi aware of. It then makes perfect sense to me and her herbal tinctures gently ease the symptoms I'm experiencing by easing their cause. I love how Sarah's blend of herbal remedies is tailor made just for me. Each one of us is, after all, unique. In this busy, stressed,over-medicated world, Sarah's holistic approach is a beacon of light and hope.

Sarah has treated me for many years. She has helped me overcome many specific health problems to do with my digestion and menopause. I see her regularly and  now and with her help I am healthier than I've been since I was a child. It is a very individual holistic approach to health. For me it has become an important tool to help me cope with the with the stresses and strains of modern life. Her lovely flower essences can address all different emotional journeys. Staying well has become a way of life.
Mandy P.

I accessed Sarah for treatment of osteoarthritis, and was‘ diagnosed’ by her through Iridology. Sarah provided me with an holistic treatment of not only osteoarthritis (the issue) but my whole well being.  I have now been ‘educated’ to understand how to prevent exacerbation of symptoms and decrease those I had, through, correct diet (foods to avoid and those to increase) and herbal therapy. The results are more effective than the medication I had been prescribed, without, the side effects I had experienced. I would emphasis these benefits do take more time than traditional medicine (and I still feel there isa place for this with more acute conditions) but are a longer term benefit tomy health. I am a strong believer in complementary therapies.

Considering all the issues with my health l had on my arrival at your office, l will always be eternally grateful that l was recommended to you. My well-being has improved immensely and I feel l have more energy and more understanding of my own body, rather than just putting up with what i’ve been told previously. Changing my diet and eating for my blood group was difficult at first but the more you take on board what’s good for your body it becomes a way of life. I don’t like to think of it as a diet but just healthy eating. I’m not saying I’m perfect all the time but i’ve learnt that ifl do go away from foods that are recommended then there are consequences and Ido suffer for it. For me, I know that you are always there and that I’m always able to contact you and will receive a quick reply. I would not hesitate to recommend you as i’ve done already to family and friends. Can’t thank you enough for your support.
Elaine W.  

Sarah had been recommended to me as a Naturopath.  I had never heard of Iridology and find it fascinating and was shocked on how accurate it is in determining area's to concentrate treatment on. Sarah's treatment has been great for me. The alternative offered to me by medical professionals was to take antibiotics for two years, not an appealing prospect.  Yes there have been a couple of hiccups over the years where antibiotics have been needed but all in all the support the tonic gives me on the inside is better at preventing my acute recurrent infections.  I would definitely recommend Sarah's method.
Lynn M. 

For over seven years I had heard “ how amazing Sarah, the herbalist was”. I was starting to dislike the sounds of such an incredible woman! I decided to visit her eventually and see what the fuss was about. Sadly, the rumours were true! Sarah was friendly, insightful, compassionate and a delight to know an has kept me in far better health than if I had never met her. Her knowledge of iridology is brilliant and she explains so much to you soyou are included in the whole process. I was exhausted through overwork and dealing with a traumatic relationship that I was exiting so I shall always be grateful that Sarah took care of my tired adrenal glands and poor digestion etc. She is a whizz and an exceptionally lovely lady. If you have the chance, go and see her or talk with her. You won’t be disappointed.
Linda A.